To start with, millions of images are analysed by AI neural network deep learning algorithms for the purpose of deducing specific types of aesthetics. During the generation process, an image of random noise is firstly generated. In accordance with text instructions called "prompts" input by the user, the AI then proceed to denoise the image based on aesthetic information in the datasets it previously acquired via deep learning. 

"KAILYU" (魁竜)
Administrator of MKBR.ART and the @kailyu Twitter account. Mechabare storyteller and anime aficionado from the United Kingdom. Favourite anime is Plastic Memories. Japanese skills acquired through aggressive consumption of anime, manga and light novels. In real life he is a corporate lawyer who enjoys photography, overseas travel and exploring the English countryside in his tiny car.
Prior to being addicted to AI art, Kailyu has used the Customcast character creator app to create CG images and movies of Isla, the main female protagonist from Plastic Memories. Kailyu's very first AI-generated image of Isla was created via Waifulabs in August 2019. The underlying technology and the resulting quality of AI art have developed substantially ever since despite the relatively short time span.

"MECHABARE" (メカバレ)
Exposure of internal circuits and mechanical parts by androids or cyborgs due to damage or maintenance. The source Japanese phrase, transliterated as "mekabare", originally meant situations where androids are revealed to be non-humans via unintended exposure of internal parts or by any other means or conduct. Gradually it evolved to adopt its current meaning.

AI-generated image of Isla created via Nijijourney

AI-generated image of Isla created via Waifulabs

"MIDJOURNEY" (ミッドジャーニー)
An independent research lab on AI text-to-image generation that released the Midjourney image generator and subsequently its updated model of Nijijourney. Instead of providing a web or application interface, the Midjourney series of generators rely on Discord bot commands.

"NIJIJOURNEY" (にじジャーニー)
An updated model of the Midjourney AI text-to-image generator with a dataset acquired by analysing millions of anime and manga styled images.

"NOVELAI" (ノベルエーアイ)
Initially an AI text generator for generating fictional stories based on user instructions and commands, it proceeded to incorporate an image generation function based on the Stable Diffusion AI text-to-image generator, with a dataset acquired by analysing millions of anime and manga styled images.
AI character generator with a dataset acquired by analysing millions of manga styled images. Unlike the subsequent AI image generators based on text instructions called "prompts", Waifulabs creates fresh new characters by identifying preferences of users based on their choices from multiple randomly generated character images.
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CG movie of Isla created via Customcast

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